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Viktor Chmal aerobatics school


Sky, adrenaline, six degrees of freedom and 360 hp under your bonnet ...


All these is aerobatics - the most spectacular and technically complex airplane sport.


Victor Chmal's aerobatics' school-



It is an informal association (club). The members of this association are coaches, pilots-sportsmen, people who own aircrafts and charter them to other members of the club for training and participation in the contests.

The main aim of the School is to arrange effective training processes for obtaining the highest sporting results.


In addition Victor Chmal's school offers:


  • unique and outstanding methods of teaching by Victor Chmal
  • professional instructors
  • best in its category aircrafts
  • comfortable areas for training
  • broad spectrum of training programs: starting with studying single elements or with training for international competition




The aerobatics school is also a cohesive team of people who are in love with sky, the place where you are always wanting to return